Patents for Geophysics by a Geophysicist

Are you thinking of patenting a geophysical invention, technique, method, or piece of equipment?  

Are you looking for a patent attorney?

Are you looking for a patent attorney who understands geophysics?

Then you have come to the right place.

According to the law, any patent attorney can file any application in any area of technology.  And many law firms, including specialist patent law firms, will be happy to file your application. But there’s more to a patent application than just what is in the inventor’s notes.  Ideally, your patent attorney should understand not just your invention, but where it fits in your industry, what else is out there that may prevent you from getting a patent, and what your competitors are doing.  You need a patent attorney with experience in your industry.

Yes, you could educate your patent attorney about the background for your invention, the history of your industry, and how the invention works, including the basic principles on which it works.  That is provided you don’t mind paying the hourly rates patent attorneys charge while you teach them. 

That is nowhere more true than in geophysics, and in oil and gas exploration.  The geophysical industry has its own terminology, its own way of doing things, and some very complex technology.   

Even if you are not planning to file a patent application, you may need a patent attorney.  What if you are accused of infringing a patent held by a competitor?  A patent attorney who knows the industry may be better able to identify prior art – to show that what is claimed in the patent was already known. 

Consider asking your patent attorney these questions:

  • Do you have a degree in geophysics, geology, physics, or a related science?
  • Have you ever worked as a geophysicist?
  • Have you ever spent time on a seismic crew or well logging crew? 
  • Have you ever spent time on a seismic boat?
  • Have you ever worked in geophysical research?
  • Do you regularly attend geophysical meetings, conventions, and lectures?

I can answer “Yes” to all of these questions.   If you would prefer to have your geophysical patent applications written by a patent attorney with real-world experience in the industry, please contact us.